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Unless its summertime, you’re shopping for a new a/c unit, or you’re an HVAC contractor, you might not find the topic of air conditioning interesting. Check out these 5 fun facts you may have not known about air conditioning:
  1. Summer Blockbusters: Movie theaters were among the first businesses to use air conditioning. People would go to escape the heat at the movie theaters, hence where they got the name “summer blockbusters.”

  2. Health Matters: Air conditioning offers a cool and controlled environment, because of that, scientists are able to create important medications and find cure for infectious diseases.

  3. Indoor comfort? What’s that?: In 1902, William Carrier designed the first air conditioning system but not for reasons of comfort. He needed to control the humidity in a New York publishing house so that paper wouldn’t expand or shrink preventing smudges and to dry faster.

  4. Summer vacation!: Before the creation of air conditioning, schools and workplaces would take summer breaks to avoid being in the buildings in severe heat. Lucky for them, even with the creation of air conditioning, schools still take summer vacation.

  5. No more heat tolerance: Studies have shown that those who become accustom to living in a cool environment lose their tolerance for being able to withstand the heat.
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