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Where Are Residential Furnaces Made?

Most furnace cabinets and heat exchangers are made in the United States, while their components are often assembled in other countries. For years, Mexico was the leading manufacturer for what was once an American-made product. In recent years, most HVAC components are now produced in China. The challenge for the manufacturer and the consumer is quality control, since the mass production techniques used in some Chinese companies result in substandard parts. These days, the only real way to determine the quality of a product is to study its track record. United Technologies, a worldwide manufacturer of Carrier and Bryant furnaces and air conditioners, manufacture their equipment in Indianapolis, Indiana and have the tightest quality control measures in the industry. In the meantime, many of their competitors rely on Chinese and Mexican imports built to their specifications.

When investing in a new furnace or air conditioner, it is important to research the product you are considering: where it is manufactured, how much it costs, and how many warranty repairs the company performs compared to the number of units produces. Consumer Reports will only give you a vague idea of which product is best, as there are many contradictions, so be sure to consider a variety of sources.

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