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Expectations of a Furnace Tune-Up

10 Things You Can (and Should!) Expect During a Furnace Tune-Up

Having your Furnace cleaned and maintained on an annual basis is the best way to extend the life of your furnace. Our technicians don’t just clean your furnace, but also perform several tests to ensure that the furnace is in perfect working order. Once they’ve finished the furnace tune-up, they will explain their findings to you, along with any suggested repairs or replacements that they believe may cause problems in the future.

Here are ten of the most important steps you can expect from an RCM Furnace Tune-Up:
  1. Inspect the thermostat and batteries: First, we ensure that the thermostat is functioning properly. Some thermostats are very inaccurate and can cause excessive temperature swings.

  2. Check for noise and vibration: Our highly-trained technicians can detect failing motors just by the way they sound.

  3. Inspect the heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is the most important part of the furnace – it actually heats the air that is then sent throughout your home. Few HVAC dealers know how to properly investigate whether one is functioning properly.

  4. Wash burners, thoroughly wipe down inside and outside, and clean motors: Properly cleaning each part of the furnace is essential. Fine dirt destroys motors and can cause them to overheat, slows down air flow, and impedes flame travel.

  5. Check and adjust gas pressure: Most furnaces have the gas pressure set too high, which causes more heat to go up the chimney. Many other HVAC companies skip this task.

  6. Check temperature rise and flow: Most heating equipment has insufficient air flow, causing the furnace to overheat. prolonged overheating can lead to a cracked heat exchanger, which means you’ll have to replace the entire furnace.

  7. Measure electrical current draw at all motors: We measure the electrical current draw to check that the motor is working with design parameters, which ensures its longevity.

  8. Check all electrical connects for corrosion and proper ground: A poorly grounded furnace eventually causes electronic component failure.

  9. Inspect flue pipes for rust, leaks, and obstructions: Low gas pressure can cause flue gas to condense, causing pipe corrosion and ultimately, pipe failure.

  10. Record all findings, measurements, filter sizes, and manufacturer information on invoice: This may not seem like a big deal, but we consider it an essential step! Every contractor should compile a service history that can be accessed at a later date. We also record whether the furnace works well at this time, and any recommendations that the technician might have made.
RCM Heating & Cooling is located in New Lenox and serves the Lincoln-Way Area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a furnace tune-up, please call us at 815-458-5425. Take advantage of our Fall Special: Furnace Tune-Ups are only $89 if you schedule before November 15!