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Should I Maintain My Generator?

With winter coming to an end and spring and summer storms on their way, April is the perfect time of year to schedule your annual generator tune-up! In our climate, we recommend annual generator maintenance for most of our customers, though maintenance twice a year is best for those with frequent power outages.

It’s important to maintain your generator on a regular basis, just like you maintain your car and hopefully, your HVAC system. Much like your car, emergency stand-by generators have an engine and battery. Generators are expected to start cold in all weather conditions and instantly run at an engine speed 3600 RPM (revolutions per minute). Most car engines run at that speed at around 85 miles per hour! Imagine how long your car would last if you started in on a sub-zero day and within seconds were accelerating to full speed. You see, a generator has to run at that speed in order to generate electricity suitable for your home and all of its essential appliances.

In order to keep your generator in good working order, and to make sure it’s prepared to operate for days or even weeks during a long power outage, annual maintenance is key. Most importantly, the battery must be maintained so that it’s prepared to work in extreme temperatures and conditions. The oil and filter should also be changed every 200 hours of operation or once per year, whichever comes first.

Generators often turn on during severe weather or some other emergency, which means this is also the most likely time that they will encounter a problem. Prevent breakdowns and schedule maintenance for your generator every year. When this year’s first power outage occurs and your home, your basement, and your electronics are protected, you’ll be glad you did.

We proudly install, maintain, and repair Generac whole-house, emergency stand-by generators.