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Indoor Climate Series: Indoor Air Comfort

The Indoor Climate: Indoor Air Comfort

How is your indoor climate?

Here at RCM, we know that a comfortable indoor climate is about a lot more than just heating and cooling. However, most of our customers don’t realize how many of their everyday ailments could be remedied by their HVAC systems. That’s why we work with each of our customers to uncover problems in their indoor climate, and design a custom solution that will leave their home comfortable all year round.

For example, do you or your family members suffer from allergies, migraine headaches, or respiratory ailments? Do you have uneven room temperatures? Are you bothered by the noise from your loud furnace or air conditioner? When asked about these common problems, many of our customers have said, “Come to think of it, yes, I’ve had that problem before.” Another common question we ask is, “Does you skin feel itchy in January, or does your house feel damp and smell of mildew in July?” Most people say yes, but they believe this is just a normal part of living in our climate. However, all of these homeowners are probably living with an outdated or improperly sized furnace and air conditioner with little humidity control or filtration. The thermostat calls for heating and cooling, which makes the noisy air conditioner run too long or too short a time to properly circulate, filter, and humidify or de-humidify the air in their home.

How do we correct this? We encourage all of our customers to install high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system with MERV 10 air filtration, staging or modulating furnace and air conditioner, humidifier and updated return air duct. Each of these measures ensures that your HVAC system will provide even room temperatures with clean, comfortable air throughout your home.

A modern furnace with corrected ductwork and a variable speed blower motor can be left running at variable speeds. We encourage all of our customers to do just that, especially during excessively hot and cold weather conditioners. Nearly all of our high-efficiency furnaces are blower speed-adjusted at the thermostat. The constant air movement helps to filter the air more effectively, removing stagnant air from your home and thus improving your indoor comfort.

Unfortunately, most HVAC installations are either faulty or not compatible with a modern system. When a home is built, the location of the furnace is often one of the last considerations, along with how the ducts will deliver air to the rooms farthest from the equipment. Many homes have the furnace placed farthest from those bedrooms that are located above the garage and other cold points in the home. On top of that, the supply air ducts are usually undersized. At RCM Heating and Cooling, we do everything we can to correct these conditions and design a custom system that will perfectly suit the size and layout of your home.