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Indoor Air Quality: Pet Dander

All About Pesky Pet Dander

Millions of people share their lives and home with pets, even if they have allergies which are triggered by their fury friends. The main allergy trigger comes from pet dander which is composed of microscopic flecks of skin from cats, dogs, rodents, birds or other animals with fur or feathers. Proteins from saliva, urine and feces from cats, dogs and other animals also trigger allergies.

Pet allergens are light weight and small, practically invisible to the human eye. It’s easy to automatically assume to be allergic to a pets hair, but the culprit is pet dander. Pet dander can remain in the air for long periods of time, even longer than dust mites. Dander is incredibly sticky so it can easily attach to furniture, bedding, fabrics and other items carried in and out of your home. Since it is carried in and out of the home, pet dander can be found in places without pets.

People with pet allergies can experience multiple symptoms such as congestion, sneezing or runny nose. Other symptoms include itchy, watery eyes and eczema or some form of rash. Pet allergies do not always show up right away. This is because allergies are caused by production of antibodies, which can take some time but causes sensitivity to pets.

Although, those diagnosed with a pet allergy believe that their only solution is to remove the animal from the home. Good news is you don’t have to! Here are a few tips for allergy prevention:
  • Secure an area of the house just for your pet where there is minimal carpeting and furniture, an easy spot to clean
  • Wash all bedding at least once every week with warm water
  • Use a specialized HEPA filter to clear tiny allergens from the air, HEPA filter reduced dog allergens in the air by 90% when the dog was not in the room and 75% when it was present
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