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Repair or Replace?

It happens to the best of us. On a frigid winter morning, you wake up and turn up the thermostat but there no response from the furnace. The next step is calling your local heating and cooling company to come out and diagnose the issue, but the bad news is the repairs are expensive and he suggests it may be time for a new furnace. So, what do you do? Repair or replace? Common furnace problems we face are a cracked heat exchanger, clogged filter, circuit board failure or a broken blower motor. There are multiple factors that will bring you to a conclusion for the best option for you.

Repair the furnace? If the life of the furnace is still under 10 years, chances are any issues can be solved through repair. The rule of thumb related to furnace repairs is as long as they are one-third of the cost of a system replacement and your furnace is in the first half of its lifetime, repair is the best option. Even if you are experiencing a drop in your heating efficiency, there are other approaches you can take before you consider replacing your furnace. Remember, it’s in your best interest to schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep your furnace functioning and help you avoid further repairs.

Replace the furnace? The anticipated lifetime of your furnace is usually 15-20 years. If your furnace is hitting the 15 year mark, it’s probably time to consider replacement options. The capacity of your furnace and the installation are two factors which play into the timing of when you will need to replace your furnace. A proper installation is crucial to the performance of the unit and so is the size of the furnace to properly heat your home. If replacement is the best option, we here at RCM Heating and Cooling believe purchasing an energy-efficient furnace would be the best bet! It can lower heating costs from using natural gas, improve air movement and air filtration which enhances air quality and it operates more quietly with a two-stage or variable motor speed. You also can receive up to a $250 in rebates from Nicor for purchasing an energy-efficient furnace.

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