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Winterizing Tips: Cover Your Air Conditioner

Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Soon the snow will be falling and ice will be forming in the bitter winter temperatures. Is it best to cover your air conditioning unit to protect it from the elements? Yes!

If your air conditioner is covered it will protect it from the falling elements such as snow or icicles falling from the roof of the house in the winter. A cover can also keep the coils cleaner to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner the following summer. Covering the condenser also prevents water from settling on the coils and freezing causing widespread damage. Debris such as sticks, leaves, and branches can become lodged inside the unit without a cover as well.

When you cover the condenser for the winter, here are a few tips:
  • Clean all debris from the condenser coils

  • Leave a part of the coil exposed so air can circulate

  • Use a breathable material to cover the condenser

  • The most important tip: Take the cover off in the spring!
At RCM Heating and Cooling, we do everything we can to prepare your HVAC systems for the frigid temperatures. Contact us at 815-458-5425 if you have any further questions regarding winterizing your condenser.