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Financing Your HVAC System

The Benefits of Financing HVAC Systems

Your heating and cooling system always seems to break down when you least expect it. Unfortunately, replacing your HVAC system can be a costly task. But we have good news! RCM Heating, Cooling & Generators offers options to help our customers manage this expense to help them be comfortable in their home.

Here are the benefits of financing:
  • Replacing old equipment right away with newer energy efficient models can help customers save money on their utility costs, which can pay for a substantial amount of the newly purchased equipment

  • The average cost of maintaining old equipment can cost more in the long-run than if you purchase new equipment

  • Financing alleviates the stress of purchasing a new HVAC system, especially if it needs to be done right away

  • The customer service aspect of financing can provide trust and a long-term relationship between the customer and their HVAC company
Here’s how you can quality for financing:
  • Credit reports: Your credit score plays a large role; it will determine the amount to lend and the interest rate.

  • Pay stubs: Organize your last 3 months of pay stubs to provide verification of income.

  • Letters of Reference: For those with poor or low credit, a reference can establish reliability.
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