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Benefits: Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Keep It Cool All Summer Long With an Air Conditioning Tune-Up!

Ever wonder why you would benefit from receiving yearly maintenance on your air conditioning unit? If you haven’t done yearly maintenance and you noticed system failure, this may be your answer. Here are the benefits of scheduling an air conditioning tune-up this spring:
  • Save Energy. When you have a properly running air conditioning unit, it won’t use as much energy. Worn down units use twice the amount of energy to get up and running, especially in the heat. Yearly maintenance will ensure that all parts and aspects of your unit are running properly and maintaining energy efficiency.

  • Save Money. If your unit isn’t burning as much energy, it won’t cost as much money. Repairs can be costly compared to the cost of maintaining you’re A/C unit. With improper care of the unit, parts will begin to breakdown and you may end up needing to be replaced and this will burn a hole in your wallet. Keep more money in your pocket with yearly maintenance on your A/C unit!

  • Reliability. Your unit will work when you need it most. We’ve all experienced a hot summer day when our A/C unit suddenly stops working. Most of the time, it’s due to lack of maintenance. A well-maintained unit won’t let you down on the hottest summer day.
To schedule your air conditioning tune-up call us at 815-458-5425 or submit a contact form to schedule online. RCM Heating & Cooling is here to ensure you have a cool home on hot summer days.