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Can Scented Candles Damage Air Filters?

Fall brings the arrival of furnace season and scented candles! Ever checked your air filter and noticed it went from white to black (not grey, that indicates dust particles)? The culprit could be soot deposition from your burning candles.

As the scented candle is lit it begins to produce tiny, black soot particles that stick to your air filter, walls, carpet, furniture and more. Scented candles use unsaturated oils which produce excessive amounts of soot. If the flame is burning blue, the carbon materials from the candle are burning clean whereas the yellow flame marks the carbons not burning fully. Build up of black soot on your air filter can decrease the efficiency of your furnace, creating costly repairs. As a homeowner this can be a hassle worth avoiding if possible.

Not only do scented candles harm your HVAC unit, but they also could harm you overall indoor air quality. Breathing in the soot could be hazardous to your health. Deeply inhaling the soot particles could cause irritation and respiratory issues in the future. Those who are potentially at greater risk are those with heart/lung disease, small children and the elderly. These particles can over time build up and cause long term issues to our respiratory system.

This fall, rethink the pumpkin scented candles in your home and remember to change your air filter! With questions, call RCM Heating & Cooling at 815-485-6525 and don’t forget to schedule your furnace maintenance to ensure a comfortable home all autumn long.

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