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The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

As the temperature begins to transition in the fall, we begin to slowly use are furnace more until the winter months arrive. Furnace issues can range from costly to dangerous to your personal health/safety. In order to avoid furnace issues, it’s best to receive yearly maintenance to ensure a properly functioning system without breakdowns on the coldest days. 

Lack of maintenance can cause a number of issues:
  • Carbon monoxide – A natural product of incomplete combustion that is deadly, tasteless, colorless, and odorless. . Cracks in heat exchangers, incorrect gas pressure and insufficient airflow are just a few causes of carbon monoxide being released into your home.

  • High energy bills – If not properly maintained, even the most efficient furnace will drain your wallet. Build up of dust and debris can cause the system to run more, therefore, creating costly energy bills.

  • Decreasing lifespan – Without maintenance, small issues can become bigger issues overtime if not properly diagnosed. The bigger issues can add up to be very costly and may end up in the replacement of your entire unit.
Schedule your annual furnace tune-up with RCM Heating & Cooling to save money, keep your furnace in prime shape and running safely during the cooler fall/winter months.