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What’s the #1 cause of high efficiency furnace failure during a snow storm and/or below freezing temperatures?

During below zero temperatures or a winter blizzard, have you ever experienced your high efficiency furnace beginning to malfunction?

Before you call your local heating and cooling company make sure to check your flue pipes outside! The number one cause of high efficiency furnace failure is blockage in/near the flue pipes. The condensation coming from the pipes can sometimes freeze causing a blockage of air flow to the furnace. Also, if there is blizzard like conditions and snow drifts against the house, the buildup of snow in/near the pipes can block the air flow as well. Without proper air flow to and from the furnace, the furnace will malfunction leaving you with a cold home! Head outside and make sure to break away any ice and/or remove any snow blocking your flue pipes.

Still experiencing problems after checking your flue pipes? Give us a call at (815) 485-6525 and we here RCM Heating and Cooling will be happy to help you solve your furnace issue!

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