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Maintaining a comfortable level of humidity in your home not only benefits your home but can also help to keep your family healthy! RCM Heating and Cooling offers whole home humidifier systems to help you control the humidity level.

How a Humidifier helps your home

Using a humidifier to control the amount of airborne moisture in the home can improve the quality of the air and make your home more comfortable. Low humidity, especially noticeable in the winter, can cause itchy skin, dry nasal passages and more. An air humidifier can guard against allergies, asthma and respiratory system symptoms. As far as your home’s health, air humidifiers increase your home’s humidity when necessary, which can help protect against cracked woodwork, plaster and drywall.

At RCM Heating and Cooling we recommend and offer Aprilaire humidifiers to our customers although we do service other brands such as Honeywell.

At RCM Heating and Cooling, we’ve been on a mission to provide the best service for our customers since day one. We’re committed to continuing that mission. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right whole home humidifier system for your Will County home.

Health Benefits of Air Humidifiers

Added humidity levels are just one benefit that air humidifiers provide to a dry house environment. These products also lower your chances of becoming ill in the winter, reduce your risk of having respiratory issues, and prevent dry skin. You’ll likely cough less if you have a home humidifier during a cold winter (and we Chicagoans are all too familiar with cold winters).

House Benefits of Air Humidifiers

Without a home humidifier, furniture and wood can get damaged. Air humidifiers also lessen static electricity formation. And nobody likes foggy windows, so buy an air humidifier to prevent condensation from occurring on your house’s windows. They’re meant to be looked through, after all.