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Is it time to upgrade?

Published: March 9, 2015

Is it time to upgrade my HVAC system?

We know that choosing to upgrade your HVAC system is a big decision. Not only is it a significant investment for many, but it can be difficult to know when it’s time to make the change. Here at RCM Heating, we want to make that decision as easy and as smooth as possible. Here are some clues that it may be time to upgrade your system:
  • Is your furnace or air conditioner more than 10 years old?

  • Is your indoor environment uncomfortable in any way (uneven room temperatures, excessive noise, too much or too little humidity, etc.)?

  • Do you have to repair your heating and cooling equipment frequently?

  • Is your furnace or air conditioner running more than usual?

  • Are your energy bills higher than what you’d like to pay?
The biggest problem that we see with older furnaces is a decrease in energy efficiency. The average 15-year-old furnace is about 70% efficient. This means that only 70% of the heat produced by the furnace is used to heat your home, while the other 30% leaves through the flue pipe or chimney. Furnaces aged 15-20 years have an average efficiency rating of 65% or lower.

Today's high efficiency furnaces, on the other hand, have an average efficiency rating of 96%. This means that it will take a lot less energy to heat your home, which means lower utility bills and more money in your pocket.

So, how does your furnace compare? You can use ENERGY STAR’s Energy Savings Calculator to determine how efficiently your furnace and air conditioner are working. All you need is a copy of your gas and electric bills, and the average temperature at which you set your thermostat. You can find a complete list of their energy calculators here. We can also provide a free system assessment to determine your HVAC system’s current efficiency, isolate problems, and estimate the lifespan of your equipment.

March and April are some of the best months to replace your system! We offer excellent discounts on furnace and air conditioner installation that you won’t find any other time of the year. Visit our Specials page to see how we can save you money! With our new Peace of Mind Service Plan, you can take an additional 5% off all equipment purchases.

Contact us at (815) 485-6525 if you have any questions, or to schedule a free estimate.

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