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Your thermostat is the key to controlling your home’s temperature and comfort level. It is the device that enables you to communicate with your heating and cooling system. There have been many advances in thermostat technology over the years and there are currently many options for homeowners to choose from. There are programmable models that can help you cut back on your energy usage and save you money at the same time. The professionals at RCM Heating and Cooling will discuss the needs of your family or business and help you to determine which thermostat would be the best one for you. Call us today for commercial thermostats or home thermostats!

Your Thermostat Options

At RCM Heating and Cooling we offer several options when you are shopping for a new thermostat:

A programmable thermostat controls when the HVAC equipment turns on or shuts off, based on the temperature settings. It can also control the humidifier and change the settings automatically throughout the day. A zoning control system uses multiple thermostats to operate zoning dampers and valves to distribute air and/or water differently throughout the home or building. With a zoned system, you would be able to maintain different temperatures at different times throughout your home. We also offer Wi-Fi thermostats, which you can control remotely from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

At RCM Heating and Cooling we recommend and offer White Rodgers and Honeywell thermostats and controls. We use the best zoning products on the market today. Call us now to find the commercial thermostat or home thermostat that meets your needs.